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video- and audio productions


Several creative host tools are used in the studio, which are described in video processing, sound processing and in a digital audio workstation. In any case, professional tools are used here to reproduce the respective signatures that are necessary for a qualitative implementation.

  1. Video-Composing with Vegas Pro 18
    This is a video editing program from Magix Software GmbH. The editing software is suitable for video, high definition, audio and compositing. It arose from audio software from Sonic Foundry. Vegas is sold exclusively for Windows PCs. The software was developed by Sony Creative Software until May 2016 and has been part of Magix since then. More Details

  2. Sound-Bearbeitung with Wavelab Pro 10, SoundFORGE Pro 15 and Spectralayers 7
    Both programs offer different options for editing audio material. Spectralayers 7 is also used in the studio. SpectraLayers offers incredible possibilities to intervene in the audio material by displaying sounds as visual objects. Exploring the audio spectrum, intervening, transforming to achieve fantastic results, be it for repairing and restoring audio files or for designing unique sounds. Unrivaled selection tools developed over many years are now being complemented by new, artificial intelligence-driven technologies for audio extraction and recording repair. In addition to the three tools mentioned, audio restoration is also an important part of the digital audio age. More Details

  3. Audio-Composing with Cubase 11 Pro and Pro Tools first
    The composition of the music can be created and recorded using so-called DAWs, effects and masters. Historically, Cubase has played a pioneering role in the studio since the Atari ST. In the beginning it was simply only possible to implement a composition in MIDI format using the DAW. It was only with the advent of the PC that it gradually became possible to do without various audio equipment and instead use the PC itself as a multiple audio source. Cubase offers a variety of aids that turn the DAW into a creative tool for studio projects. Now it is also great to be able to interactively implement online projects with other musicians. More Details

  4. Nuendo 12 - Advanced Audio Post Production Solution
    The connection of audio and video, the musical illustration for games, videos, trailers, Netflix content at a professional level including Dolby Atmos, sound design and much more. Steinberg's flagship. More details

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